30A Trading Company

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30A Trading Company looks forward to joining the community and serving the residents and visitors to Seagrove Beach and 30A. We welcome your feedback and further questions about plans for 30A Trading Company.

If you have any questions regarding the proposed project, please complete the form below and we will promptly reply. Thank you.


Q:  What is the 30A Trading Company?
A:  30A Trading Company is an upscale coastal outfitter supplying residents and visitors access to high-end lifestyle brands.  Gifts, art and jewelry from local artists will also be available at 30A Trading Company.   

Q:  What kind of access will the public have to the retail store?
A:  Located right off the bike path on scenic Highway 30A, patrons will have convenient access off the bike path and also via a parking lot off Dalton Drive.  16 parking spaces are available in the site design and, of course, bike racks will be provided to encourage customers to hop on their bike and visit the store.

Q:  What will be housed in the tower portion of the building?
A:  The tower will act as storage for the retail store.

Q:  What are the proposed hours of operation?
A:  The retail store will be open between 8AM and 10PM, 7 days per week.

Q:  The parcel of land is zoned for commercial mixed use, but how will 30A Trading Company fit into the landscape of the area?
A:  A buffer of native trees and landscaping such as scrub oak and pine trees will provide a lush buffer between the residential portion of Dalton Drive and the building.  The site and architectural design of the building complement the coastal style and sophistication of 30A.

Q:  What is the Walton County Land Use Category for this parcel of land?
A:  The parcel was designated by Walton County as Village Mixed Use (VMU) in 1996. 

Q:  What types of development is allowed in the VMU land use category?
A:  VMU is a commercial land use district and allows a variety of uses including, but not limited to, restaurants, office, retail, limited lodging, etc.  The proposed use (an upscale retail store) is significantly less intense use than other uses currently allowed in the VMU land use category.

Q: Are any additional buffering items proposed?
A: A wooden privacy fence is proposed along the eastern property line in addition to the combined 20-foot-wide natural preservation area and landscaping buffer.

Q: What does the Stormwater Management Plan for the proposed project include?
A: The stormwater runoff from this site (and a small area offsite to the east that flows to this site) shall be collected in a stormwater pipe system and will flow to an extensive underground storage and percolation system to be constructed under the parking lot.  The underground storage system is designed using a special chamber section that allows for periodic inspection and clean out of collected debris.  The system has been designed based on soils testing performed by a licensed geotechnical engineering firm.  The Stormwater Management system has been designed to contain all stormwater runoff onsite for up to and including a 25-year return frequency storm.  This design exceeds the requirements of the Walton County Land Development Code.

Q: How is access and parking being provided:
A: Access to the property will be provided for pedestrians and bicyclists by way of the shared use path (Timpoochee Trail) along CR 30A.  The section of Dalton Drive adjacent to the property will be improved and used to access a paved parking area located to the rear of the proposed building. 



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