Blue Mountain (CR 83) Wastewater Transfer Facility

  • Project included the design and construction of a new 1,000,000 gallon concrete storage tank with custom floor to service 24-inch diameter inlet/discharge piping, 200 HP electric and 150 HP diesel engine centrifugal self-priming, suction-lift wastewater pumps, a control building and an access stair and operations platform located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.  Facility was designed to accommodate six (6) future 200 HP pumps, a screening and grit removal system, an additional high capacity sewer lift station and emergency power.
  • Project responsibilities included, but were not limited to:
    • Detailed engineering and design
    • Regulatory permitting
    • Development of project specifications and bid packages
    • Solicitation of material and construction bids
    • Review contractor and material supplier pre-qualifications and award contracts
    • Construction supervision/management, inspection and certification
  • Project Summary:
    • Site clearing, grading and testing
    • 100,000 gallon concrete process tank
    • Two (2) 200 HP electric and one (1) 150 HP diesel engine centrifugal self-priming, suction-lift wastewater pumps
    • 10,000 linear feet of 24-inch (24”) PVC sewer forcemain
    • 1,000 linear feet of 30-inch (30”) HDPE directional bore pipe
    • Twelve (12) 24-inch (24”) gate valves
    • Aluminum access stairs and operations platform
    • Integrated system control and data acquisition (SCADA)
    • Control building (rated at 140 MPH)
    • System integration
    • Engineering Schedule: 8 weeks
    • Construction Schedule: 16 weeks

Approximate Project Cost: $2,000,000


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