Thompson Road Master Lift Station

  • Project included the design and construction of a new master sewer lift station complete with two (2) twelve-foot (12’) diameter concrete pump wells, two (2) 25 HP electric submersible and one (1) diesel suction lift wastewater pump and control panel designed to service approximately 250 ERC’s and relieve pressure on an existing gravity system and two piggy-back sewer lift stations located along the beach and adjacent to a Coastal Dune Lake in Dune Allen Beach, Florida.  This project also included the redesign of and modification to the existing lift stations.
  • Project responsibilities included, but were not limited to:
    • Detailed engineering and design
    • Regulatory permitting
    • Development of project specifications and bid packages
    • Solicitation of material and construction bids
    • Review contractor and material supplier pre-qualifications and award contracts
    • Construction supervision/management, inspection and certification
  • Project Summary:
    • Site clearing, grading and testing
    • Two (2) twelve-foot (12’) diameter concrete pump wells
    • Two (2) 25 HP electric submersible wastewater pumps
    • One (1) 25 HP diesel driven centrifugal self-priming, suction-lift wastewater pumps.
    • 5,000 linear feet of 4, 6 and 8-inch PVC sewer forcemain
    • Integrated system control and data acquisition (SCADA)
    • System integration
    • Engineering Schedule: 8 weeks
    • Construction Schedule: 16 weeks
    • Approximate Project Cost: $350,000


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