Balcony & Railing Inspections

Contract Administration


Required by Florida Statues
Identifies problems and needed repairs before failures or larger problems develop
Each balcony, walkway, stairway and platform is closely inspected for both railing and platform anomalies
Condition of railing system, concrete, and waterproofing or deck coating systems reported at each location
Reduces liability and increases safety for the Association
Extends life of railing systems


A Balcony and Stairway Rail System Inspection and Certification consists of a visual inspection of all rail systems on the building as required to fulfill state requirements for a Certified Balcony and Railing Inspections (DBPR HR-7020) and in accordance with 509.2112, F.S. and Rule 61C-3.001, F.A.C. All balconies, walkways, stairways, and any other railings on the building are visually inspected for the condition of the rail systems as well as the condition of the balcony, walkway, or stairway. Once the inspection is completed, a detailed report will be issued identifying all anomalies observed and outline repair recommendations (if needed). This detailed report includes the location, photographs, and the type of anomalies that were found during the inspection. O&A wants the Association to be able to easily identify each anomaly found onsite to create a smoother repair process.

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