Construction Documents

Waterproofing & Restoration


Unique detailed scope of work and bid documents catered to the Association’s needs
Contractors to bid same scope and quantity
Quality materials specified
Comprehensive set of Restoration plans and details needed for project completion
Communication with potential contractors to ensure the Association’s needs are accurately met
For projects of all sizes
Restore and improve the quality of the building and property


During the course of the contract it is likely that large or small maintenance projects will be required to keep the building properly maintained. When this occurs, O&A will provide document development and a pre-bid meeting at no charge to the Association on the condition that O&A is hired to perform the contract administration for the project. The document development will include a detailed scope of work, technical specifications, and construction drawings to accurately convey the scope of work and details to the contractors. O&A will scan the original existing building plans for you and upload them to a flash drive. Upon returning the original physical copy of the plans, O&A will give you a flash drive containing an electronic copy for your convenience. The tabulation of bids will be done by O&A to provide the Association a breakdown of the project costs from each contractor. O&A will act as the liaison between the Association and the Contractor throughout the duration of the project. The level of O&A involvement for construction management is based solely off the needs of the Association.

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