Contract Administration

Contract Administration


Third-party professional ensuring project is completed in accordance with the contract documents
Coordinate work that involves Owners, Units, or Subcontractors through Progress Meetings
Perform and sign off on all required structural inspections as required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction
Ensure that schedules, schedule of values, and sample warranties all meet the requirements of the construction documents


O’Connell & Associates Consulting Engineers, LLC (O&A) provides contract administration services for on-going construction projects to help simplify the construction process for the Association. O&A works as a liaison between the contractor and the Owner throughout the duration of the project. As a third-party professional, O&A will ensure that construction is being performed in accordance with the plans, specifications, and other contract documents. We serve as an objective, experienced Owner’s Representative to protect the Client’s and the project’s best interest. The involvement of a Contract Administration professional can reduce the liability for the Owner because a professional will oversee the project and ensure that it is completed in accordance with the project documents. The level of O&A involvement for contract administratioin is based solely off the needs of the Association and is negotiable. Also, O&A has a Mobile Command Center that can be parked on the job site to reduce travel times and have the O&A team onsite Monday through Friday. O&A prides themselves on people to people relationships whether between the Community Association Manager, the Association, Contractor, or Product Manufacturers.


O&A will attend and participate in regular construction progress meetings that involve but are not limited to selected representatives of the Board, the Community Association Manager, the Contractor, and the onsite Project Manager. During the construction progress meetings, the near term and overall progress schedules will be discussed at every meeting so all participants have the latest update on the project. In addition, O&A requires discussion of the Action Items will be completed to achieve project completion at the progress meeting. O&A will examine and answer any questions or unforeseen conditions that arise during construction. O&A provides Progress Meeting Minutes to everyone in attendance of the weekly meeting to create transparent communication between everyone involved in the construction project.


Premium site inspections help guarantee that work is being performed in accordance with the contract documents. O&A will perform detailed site inspections at regular intervals and as required to review the work in progress and its compliance with the contract documents. O&A will produce a detailed report which will be submitted to the owner outlining work in progress, compliance with the contract documents, any issues or problems discussed, and photographs of the work in progress. O&A will provide responses to requests for information or any technical questions that might arise during construction. Also, O&A will provide solutions to any issues which may arise during construction. Through site inspections, O&A will verify quantities of unit cost and allowance work. O&A will perform field testing critical to verify Code compliance. The site inspections will include essential punch lists inspections to ensure project completion.


O&A will review the Project Submittals to ensure that specified quality products are being used. In addition, the review of Project Submittals ensures that schedules, schedule of values, and sample warranties all meet the requirements of the construction documents. O&A will review Pay Applications to ensure payment for only satisfactorily completed work that is in compliance with the contract documents. Through the review of Pay Applications, O&A approves payment for only quantities used and reviews lien releases to make sure that vendors have been paid. O&A collects and reviews all Close Out Documents compile critical information and submit entire package to the Owner for convenience. O&A requires the Contractor to complete a Certificate of Substantial Completion to assure the Association all major Scope items have been completed. O&A will reexamine all warranties and ensure that they are in compliance with the contract documents.

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