Construction Administration

Civil Engineering


O'Connel & Associates Consulting Engineers, LLC (O&A) provides construction administration services to assist the owner during the construction process. As a third-party professional, O&A observes work in progress and reports to the owner on progress. The involvement of a Construction Administration professional can help the owner ensure that the project is being constructed in accordance with the contract and assist the owner by providing useful information which aids the owner in making decisions as the project progresses. 


Premium site visits help ensure that work is being performed in accordance with the contract documents. O&A will perform detailed site visits at regular intervals to observe the work in progress and record our observations through notes and photographs. O&A will produce a detailed report which will be submitted to the owner outlining our observations and any issues or problems discussed, and photographs of the work. O&A will provide responses to requests for information and answers to technical questions that might arise during construction.

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