Continuing Engineering Services

Contract Administration, Waterproofing & Restoration
  • Balcony & Railing Inspections & Certifications
  • Annual Building Condition Survey
  • Reserve Study
  • Leak Detection & Infrared Surveys
  • Construction Documents for Future Projects
  • Use of a drone to take Pre-Hurricane photographs of the property each years
  • Electronic Maintenance Manuals
  • Board Meeting Attendance
  • On-Call Inspection and Reporting


O’Connell & Associates Consulting Engineers, LLC (O&A) Continuing Engineering Service (CES) plan is a three-year contract designed as a partnership between a licensed Florida engineering firm and a condominium association to ensure that the structures, exterior building envelope and surrounding property are routinely inspected, maintained and certified in a serviceable condition. The CES includes recommended inspections, required per Chapter 718 of the Florida Statues, as well as other services designed to maintain the condition of the building, prolong service life and keep the Board of Directors informed. It is a plan designed to develop a proactive repair and replacement plan designed to maximize the service life of existing critical building components and help the board anticipate and prepare for the property’s major repair and replacement projects. Each Continuing Engineering Service plan is unique, personalized, and negotiable for each Association. O&A wants to meet the specific needs of your Association to improve the overall condition of the property. O&A prides themselves on people to people relationships whether between the Community Association Manager, the Association, Contractor, or Product Manufacturers.

O&A will take drone photos of your property as a part of the pre-hurricane documentation of the building each year. All photos taken will be given to the Association via flash drive. The Association has all rights to these photos.

Electronic maintenance manuals will be provided to the Association for immediate access to all maintenance information and reports. O&A will scan the original existing building plans for you and upload them to a flash drive. Upon returning the original physical copy of the plans, O&A will give you a flash drive containing an electronic copy for your convenience.

O&A will attend Board meetings at the request of the Association to discuss the condition of the building and any future or on-going projects. Condition survey reports, reserve studies, and other reports will also be discussed with the Board members to keep them apprised of the condition of the building and any potential recommended repairs. O&A acts a resource to provide honest information about the building and any future or on-going projects with the Board. Also, O&A does on-call inspection and reporting services dependent on the Associations need. The on call inspections and reporting can also be done for natural disaster relief for the Association.

Current CES Clients
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