Commercial Development

Civil Engineering


Commercial development projects include, but are not limited to, car dealerships, shopping centers, restaurants, and other mixed-use buildings. O&A is well-versed in a wide variety of commercial developments and extensive experience designing developments for commercial spaces to meet the Owner’s needs.

The preliminary design phase is based on the Owner’s goals, the size and condition of the land, the soil and groundwater properties, and any historical permit documentation. Once the preliminary research has been conducted, O&A will meet with the necessary regulatory agencies, prepare site drawings, permit applications, documents, and specifications to complete the project. Each set of drawings includes a comprehensive set of plans and details specific to that unique project. In addition, O&A will assist the owner applying and obtaining all required regulatory permits for the residential development to be completed. During construction O&A is available to provide documentation and engineering assistance which includes construction observation and reporting, answering contractor questions and enforcing the technical specifications.

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